Seminyak is only a 30 minute drive away from Sanur, but they’re worlds apart. From the sleepy resort town, filled with families and retirees, I have reached a resort area that could be a good introduction to Kuta without being too full on.

I may or may not have explicitly mentioned this before but I don’t want to go to Kuta.

I don’t want partying. I don’t want lively. I don’t want drinking. I’ve heard that Kuta is for Australians, what certain Spanish or Greek islands are for Brits. Now, before this starts to sound a bit judgey. I’m fine with party holidays, but not this time. Bali is my zen, my relaxing and chilling out before getting home, and back to reality. Once I’m home, I don’t know how long it will take to find a job, so this is me recharging my batteries.

We have eaten in some really lovely places though, and there are a great deal of shops. However, there aren’t as many markets if you’re looking to keep it cheap cheap. This is the kind of place I’d like to come back to with a group of friends or couple friends for a resort break. Brunches, dinners, drinks, and a little exploring.

If I start uploading foodie photos, you’ll notice a distinct lack of authentic cuisine. To elaborate, I said at the start: I only want to eat authentic food. And I have, I’ve done really well (apart from the occasional side of French fries – once), but by the last night I was craving something a little more familiar. Only because I have felt a little unsettled of late and that can be quite off putting.

One thing I have noticed about this part of Bali that has not come up on this trip previously… There are lots of security personnel at both the front and back of the beach resorts, shopping centres and at many hotels. They have radios and carry out bag checks. At the first resort our taxi pulled up to, they even checked under our cars with mirrors and some have had handheld body scanners.

And this is low season. Is this unusual or typical? I don’t know, it could be because they are on high alert after the recent Jakarta attacks, or something else that we are not privy too. Either way, it both reassuring and unnerving at the same time.

Lunch at The Legian


If you want a five star lunch with spectacular views overlooking a layered infinity pool, looking out to the ocean – this is the place. The food was astonishingly good and provides the perfect setting to our farewell lunch for one of my favourite people off this trip.

I’d like to mention here: I’m not a trendy person, I don’t necessarily know about the coolest places and where’s hot or not. But I’m with some very clued up people which has enabled me to visit some really great places in Seminyak, places I probably wouldn’t have found by myself.

La Favela

A trendy night spot – apparently a nightclub during high season, for us it was the perfect tapas style evening meal, in a jungle-esque setting. It looked huge, going back as far as the eye could see, revealing cosy hideouts at every corner. The food was fantastic, we opted to get several main courses to share amongst the table, and the same for dessert too.

Highly recommended but not the cheapest place if you’re on a tight budget. The meal with soft drinks was roughly £10 / person. I imagine this place wouldn’t be out of place in the hipster heart of London, Shoreditch.


Potato Head


The popular beach resort for chilled out vibes and delicious cocktails (or mocktails for me) with ocean views. This is a place you could spend the day if you wanted to relax all day by the pool with good music, good drinks and food.

Mango Lassie, Prohibition Iced Tea and Aloe aloe


Metis for dinner – and what a dinner it was 


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