About Me

I’m Felicity and this is my blog đź‘‹

I’ve said goodbye to my twenties but I’m still trying to make my way in the world.

Things have really changed since I first started this blog. I’m now a freelance writer and PR specialist, but I won’t use this space to talk about work that much (not for now anyway).

Originally, this blog was a place where I could (try to) balance my career ambitions while satisfying my desire to travel and see everything. I started it because I had to while studying.

I took a break from blogging because I don’t travel as much these days. Sadly, the blog kind of lost its purpose. But now, I’m back with a bookish focus. I’ve always been a bookworm.

As before, this space will be a collection of stories that map out the stages of my life. But expect to see less travel posts, and more on books, podcasts, microadventures and general ponderings about life.

The adventure continues…

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