Beautiful Bali: Day 8

The botanic gardens before Sanur!

This is the oldest tree here, it is over 100 years old.

The government banned offerings from being left here because there would have been too much rubbish left behind. Often the offerings are biodegradable as they’re flowers and banana leafs, but if plastic if left behind it’ll just stay here. Also, it’s worth mentioning that even the banana leafs take a long time to breakdown.

Cactus house!

Orchid garden!

Although there weren’t many orchids out because they’re wild and some are hybrids too. Basically anywhere we saw a yellow tag hanging from a tree, that’s where there was supposed to be an orchid or there will be at some point.

This afternoon, we arrive in Sanur, which marks the end of our tour. It’s been wonderful. So much more than I could have ever wished or hoped for, with some of the absolute loveliest people.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Seminyak to check it out without getting too close to the party town of Kuta. 

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  1. I am considering this tour so it was great to read about your day to day experiences. It’s convinced me to book it 🙂

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