One of my goals for this year is to write a blog post every month. Just one blog a month. It shouldn’t be that hard – that’s what I tell myself anyway. But sometimes it is. This isn’t the blog post I planned on writing this month, but sometimes you read or see something so inspiring, you can’t ignore it.

Over the weekend, I read this blog post by one of my favourite travel bloggers, and I realised that I too have started several bucket lists, on scraps of paper here or there, or in my notes, but I’ve never completed one.

Here is my ultimate bucket list – a work in progress that I plan to keep coming back to and updating as a tick things off and add more to it:

Things I Want to do:

* Hike Machu Picchu 

* Visit the Galapagos (I wanted to go and see lonely George before he died, but unfortunately I missed the boat on that)

* See Gorillas in the DR Congo 

* Visit Warner Bros Harry Potter studio in London

* Visit Disneyland in America and Tokyo 

* Explore all of Texas 

* Visit the Scottish isles including; Harris, Orkney, Skye, Shetland

* Spend NYE at Hogmanay in Edinburgh 

* Visit more of Eastern Europe and the Nordics 

* Go to Festival Internacional de Benicassim (Spain)

* Go to Glastonbury festival (UK)

* Go to Tomorrowland (Belgium) 

* Visit Cuba before it changes (too much)

* Travel the whole of South America 

* Explore Cape Town 

* Climb table mountain 

* Work with sloths 

* Take a cycling holiday 

* See the Statue of Liberty 

* See Britney Spears perform in Las Vegas 

* Visit the demilitarised zone (South Korea) 

* Float in the Dead Sea

* Go to Iran

* Go inter railing through Europe 

* Visit Easter island 

* Explore Fiji and the Pacific islands 

* Take the Trans Siberian Express  

* See icebergs 

* Visit Greenland 

* Go to Mexico for Day of the Dead

* Travel Route 66

* Go to Lollapalooza (Chicago)

* Go inside a volcano (eeak) 

* See the Northern Lights 

* See puffins in Iceland 

* Go on a bird watching holiday in Costa Rica 

* Take a Safari in South Africa 

* Go on a food tour of New York 

* Drive the west coast of Australia 

* Spend time at a yoga camp in India 

* Watch a film at an outdoor cinema

* Go to a midnight screening at the cinema 

* Spend some time in Canada

* Visit Alaska 

* Live in the woods

* See Orang-utans in Borneo  

* Go on a food tour of Italy 

* Walk the Jurassic coastline 

* Island hop around Greece 

* Visit the salt flats in Bolivia 

* Watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat

* What the balloons over Bagan  

* Go to Patagonia 

Things I can tick off:

* Paddle boarding (New Zealand) 

* Eat a Fergburger in Queenstown

* Visit Hobbiton 

* Take a Lord of the Rings tour

* Spend NYE in Dublin

* Walk an elephant (Thailand) 

* Volunteer with giant pandas in China 

* Explore Seoul 

* Swim with dolphins (New Zealand)

* Watch little blue penguins run up the beach (Dunedin) 

* Ziplining (Costa Rica, Thailand, Croatia) 

* Go zorbing (UK) 

* See a sloth in the wild (Costa Rica)

* Climb mount Batur and watch the sunrise (Bali) 

* Camp along the Great Wall of china and watch the sunrise/sunset 

* See Niagara falls (Canada) 

* Visit Venice and eat real Italian gelato and pizza 

* Sail the Croatian islands on a yacht 

* Go to Ultra festival (Croatia)

* Go to Exit festival (Serbia)

* Surfing in Cornwall (UK)

* Whale watching (New Zealand) 

* Spend NYE at a festival (Rhythm & Vines, New Zealand)

* Get the bullet train (Japan) 

* Visit the Arenal volcano (Costa Rica) 

* Take part in sea turtle conservation (Costa Rica) 

* See albatross (New Zealand) 

* Take a train journey through Switzerland 

* Party in the ruin bars of Budapest 

* Live in London 

* Sea kayaking (Croatia)

* Stargazing (New Zealand) 

I plan to keep coming back to this post, to update the things I’ve done and to expand my bucket list. Do you have any suggestions for my bucket list?


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