I’m the first to admit I was late to the Instagram party. I mean, I was late to every social media party after the demise of MySpace.

My relationship with Facebook has been hot and cold. It just didn’t fill the void left by MySpace and I find it really intrusive, I’m not sure why, but I do. I appreciate it can be a useful way to stay in touch with people who you meet when, say, you’re travelling, sure. And it’s easy to keep in touch with people at home.

But my general thinking is this: I keep in touch with my close friends, and they keep in touch with me, so I don’t need Facebook.

But I digress…

When I first got Instagram, I loved it. I loved taking photos and sharing them with friends -typically  friends rather than strangers. But in recent months I’ve fallen out of love with Instagram. I don’t know whether it’s changed or I’ve changed, but taking a break has made me feel much better.

I read this post on Broadly and this on Newsbeat and I have to say, I feel validated.

I think looking at the lives of others constantly, (particularly when it’s only the best bits they want you to see), can cause a loss of perspective and the desire for more; more holidays, more clothes, more exciting lives, being this and that or rather, trying to be this and that instead of being happy with what we already have?

What are your thoughts on Instagram and social media more widely? Do you ever take social media breaks?

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