I initially thought of this blog back in 2014 while I was travelling. I’ve always considered myself a self-confessed bookworm, but I realised I’d been reading textbooks at uni and neglected reading books for pleasure. Travelling gave me this opportunity but I wanted to incorporate this supposed passion of mine into my everyday life, not just when I’m on holiday.

This is what 2014 looked like:

Into the wild
This is how you lose her
Eat pray love
Feel the fear and do it anyway
Top 5 regrets of the dying
A thousand splendid suns
Memoirs of a geisha
The art of perception

After this attempt, I made a solid resolution for 2015: read one book a month for a year. So this is 2015:

January: The ice cream queen of orchard street

February: Wild
March: The Fault In Our Stars
April/May: El Narco
May: The defining decade: why your twenties are important and how to make the most of them
Big little lies (I was actually lucky enough to win this book for the #TravelBookChat with The Travel Hack and GirlTweetsWorld)

August: Tracks
October: The kind worth killing
November: The wild oats project
December: Marching powder
Me before you

I actually was quite pleased with my 11 books, until I read this article on the BBC website.. Something to aim for I suppose. This year I was pretty happy with the adventures I got lost in, I particularly love the ones with an adventure, mystery or a twist. Apparently I’m also partial to reading up on the cartel…

I’m re-trying this challenge again this year. Do you have any recommendations? What’s your favourite book? Do you like any particular genre or author in particular?

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