First of all… Happy New Year everyone!

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I actually began to feel pretty flat by the end of December – yes even with all of this festive cheer being rammed down my throat! I was really surprised that I was feeling this way because I ticked off a biggie on my list for this year, to climb on or at least have solid career plans for 2015. I’m moving to london in January and to be honest, I haven’t been overly excited by the prospect because I can just see myself swimming in a pool of debt, but actually, I’ve been saving pretty hard and I’m accomplishing what I set out to achieve so I’m trying to enjoy the moment and think of it as an adventure! (The next adventure).

Overall this year has been something of a roller coaster. All in all, my life has been pretty good since summer 2012. Even though there’s been good things and bad things each year, the good times have always been what I’ve remembered, these are the things I’ve held on to, and the bad things I’ve taken as life lessons and things to note.

This year has been THE year of moments, experiences and learning for me. I began the year in a rocky relationship and packing my bags to travel around Asia for 4.5 months. This basically turned out to be a highlight of my life (so far!). Ive been so lucky this year, I’ve met the most amazing people – some of whom I’m fairly sure will be in my life forever, I’ve had some amazing once in a lifetime experiences and moments that I’ll never forget and I’ve learnt so much! Not just about different countries and cultures but about myself too. I’m single – 100% single – for the first time in six years. I feel like this year, I found my freedom. (Or perhaps I realised just how free I really am).

Coming home from travelling was bitter sweet, I was so happy to see my family because my mindset was focused on seeing them, but the prospect of finding an actual career-related job was daunting. Especially as I began to realise that it would probably take longer than I had optimistically hoped. But, all in all, it’s been a great year, here are my highlights;

– Thailand was a total highlight! Everything about it, every place, every experience!

– Watching the sunset from the Great Wall of China was one of my greatest moments in life to date. It felt like time stood still and my mind was completely clear.

– Exploring Japan in a week was both exhausting and exhilarating at the same time!

– T in the Park 2014! Amazing.

– Graduation in Cardiff in July was great! Actually feeling proud and enjoying the moment and sharing it with friends and family alike was perfect.

– Finding an actual career-related job and making plans to move to London

Each year I set myself 10 goals or targets, even though I’ve achieved and experienced a lot this year, I actually haven’t ticked that many things off my list which kinda surprised me when I read back over it! Reading over it made me rethink what I was going to put on my list to achieve this year.

So this was 2014:

1. Read 15 books for pleasure ✖️
2. Get an actual job that is a step on the career ladder (preferably something meaningful) ✔️
3. Learn a language ✖️
4. Maintain this blog throughout the year ✖️/✔️
5. Save £1,000 ✔️
6. Learn a new skill ✖️
7. Take a photo every single day for a year ✖️
8. Be brave, be daring ✔️
9. Enter a competition requiring actual effort (e.g., an essay writing competition) ✖️/✔️
10. Go to Paris ✖️

And here’s what I’m aiming for achieve in 2015;

1. Save £1500
2. Learn to be kind to myself
3. Read one book a month
4. Practice French, everyday day consecutively for a month. (To be specific… Minimum of 20 mins per day)
5. Take a photo a day for a month
6. Complete a ’30 day…challenge’ (exercise related)
7. Go to Paris! (It’s been on my list since the list existed… This is the year!)
8. Try to blog once a month (please… Having draft after draft does NOT count)
9. Make a few lifestyle changes; drink more water & exercise regularly
10. Cross something off my bucket list

I hope that 2015 is a great year for you all!

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