This blog is a continuation from my recent posts ‘Quarter Life Crisis‘ and ‘25 Things I Learnt…‘. Sometimes in life, I think that we (or rather I) forget about all of the great experiences we have had and how much we accomplish in life because we are always facing forwards and thinking about the ‘what next?’ and moving on to the next great experience or achievement. I often have to remind myself to live in the moment and just enjoy now instead of always thinking ahead.

I recently turned 25 which proved to be a fairly reflective time in my life – unexpectedly so I might add. I kept thinking about my life so far and questioning myself; would I change this and that? Do I have regrets? What am I most proud of? Is my life at 25 how I thought it would be? Am I happy? What next? What should I be doing Vs what do I really want to do? This list reminds me of accomplishments, achievements and some of my all time favourite life memories to date and overall, I’m actually pretty proud of myself.

I fully believe in looking forwards, but all of this time spent reflecting reminded me of how lucky I have been so far, and how proud I am of my achievements. I can only hope and strive to make the next 25 years as good as the last 25. Hopefully this post will inspire others, not only when thinking about their own futures and what they want to accomplish, but also when thinking about their pasts, their own personal achievements and experiences.

1. I feel as though I reached my academic potential (finally) graduating with a distinction in an MA in PR

2. I learnt to drive, passed my test first time around and bought a car

3. Moved and lived abroad short term

2013-09-28 16.05.17

4. I have ‘Traveled’ around a small percentage of Asia for 4.5 months

Pic Collage 001

5. I’ve worked on Conservation projects I am passionate about, all over the world

Pic Collage 002

6. I have loved, and been loved

7. I have been Zorbing (and screamed the whole way down… Literally)

8. I have zip lined through the jungles of Costa Rica and Thailand

9. I have visited 4 continents

10. I have had my photograph in a newspaper (The Great Roath Bake Off 2013 – there’s an earlier blog post on here especially about this)

11. I have stayed up all night laughing, dancing and chatting with friends all over the world

12. I’ve watched the sunset and sunrise from the Great Wall of China

Pic Collage 003

13.I have won a car, and lost a car to an arson attack… which was then stolen (swings and roundabouts right)

14. I have left home and returned (I recently learnt the specific name for this term and love it! I am part of the new ‘Boomerang’ generation)

15. I have created a bucket list (it’s a work in progress and getting increasingly long)

16. I have been lucky enough to visit landmarks around the world including; the Grand Canyon, the Empire State Building, the Luxor in Vegas, Pier 39 San Francisco, Niagara Falls, Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, the CN tower Toronto, The Bund – Hong Kong, The Great Wall of China, Tianaman Square, Stonehenge, The London Eye, part of the Berlin Wall, Macau, Tulou (or Roundhouses), Ha Long Bay.


17. I’ve had an indoor snowboarding lesson (…and squealed the whole way down the slope)

18. I’ve gotten a tattoo & several piercings

19. I have successfully looked after many species of animals over the years, including keeping and successfully rearing axolotls! (Notoriously hard to breed)

20. I have achieved a purple belt in karate from Swansea University Karate Club

21. I’ve made it to 25 without any fillings in my teeth or any serious dentistry work (hope I don’t jinx this!)

22. I have been to several music festivals in the UK

23. I have learnt how to save money and look after my finances – something that’s important for everyone.

24. Since getting my first job at 17 I have managed to continually stay employed (even if only in a casual capacity)

25. I interned at a UN Agency – The ITU, even though it was short term (3 months), working for the UN is something I really wanted to do


So this is me, how about you? What are you proud of? What are your happiest memories? You only live once right, so what have you experienced? Remember: Life is for Living.

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