For those of you familiar with my blog, you may have guessed I’m a bit of a foodie at heart, but that’s never what this blog has been about. I adore good food, healthy food, new recipes and flavours from different cultures, but am I a wizard in the kitchen? This has yet to be seen.

I spent my last few days in Wellington indulging my food passion and gorging on far too much of the good stuff. 

Here are my favourites:

I called into the Plentifull Deli on Majoribanks Street (it’s on the way to the Mount Victoria lookout, I highly recommend stopping to grab a picnic!). Every time I go in, there’s a different yet equally delicious salad option. This time it was coleslaw. 

Now, to be clear, this is something I NEVER eat at home – it looks so creamy and yuk. But this looked fresh and delicious and it was!

It even had peanuts in it! I opted to get a vegetarian roll with it too, which was cheese, tomato,  lettuce, Mayo and pesto – simply delicious.

Later I headed to Rogue and Vagabond, a craft beer joint just off Cuba street. I’m not vegetarian but I don’t eat much meat, so I opted to get the ‘Nothing with a face’ burger and it was one of the best burgers I’ve had by far. The star of the show was the grilled haloumi and courgette but the harissa tomato was pretty amazing!

I finally tried the ice cream at Kaffee Eis – there are a few dotted around Wellington, but the nearest to me was on Courtenay Place. I opted to get the White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake with a chocolate flavour that looked like Ferrero Roche to me!


I had my final New Zealand brunch at Olive on Cuba Street. They claim to have the nicest courtyard in Wellington and it was pretty lovely! (It came complete with a family of nesting blackbirds where I was sitting which made it all the better for me).

I got the avocado and feta on sour dough toast, with a hint of something citrusy.

In the gelato spirit, I revisited Carrello’s on the beach front. Unusually, I opted for mint choc chip and peanut butter cups – the combination actually went together surprisingly well!

When I first moved to Wellington, on my very first evening here, I ate at Sweet Mothers Kitchen on Courtenay Place. I opted to eat there tonight – partly because the food was so good – and partly to come full circle. I started there and ended there.

I got the veggie enchiladas with brown rice and salad. Last time I had the eggplant dish ancho early, both were fantastic.


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