Thursday: Back to Auckland (for the last time ever?)

Nothing much really happened today, our bus didn’t leave Paihia until 14.15 so we had the morning to chill out. There were a number of day trip options available, but as I’d (fortunately) seen Dolphins twice in Kaikoura already, there wasn’t much that grabbed my attention, and as I’ve previously mentioned, travelling is tiring. It’s good to take time to recharge.

So we headed back to Auckland for the final time. It was pretty busy on the roads due to a protest today but we made it back.

I had dinner with the guy I met on my flight over here (exactly 3 months ago! – how time flies?!) and two of my roomies from the bus. I’ve met a really great group of people so far, my experience has been so different to the South Island, it’s more in line with how I originally thought it would be.

We headed to the international food court, it’s opposite McDonalds on Queen Street. I’m mentioning it because it’s really easy to walk past it and not notice it but there’s so much choice down there; Thai, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Korean, Japanese and more. And it’s really reasonably priced too.

I opted to get a meal deal including a curry (pea and potato in this case) which was absolutely delicious, basmati rice, a garlic naan and a can of Coke all for $12!


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