Tuesday: Bay of islands!
Aucklanders are affectionately (or not) known as a ‘Jafa’ (Just Another Friendly Aucklander). There’s a well established rivalry between aucklanders and essentially the rest of New Zealand. It may be partly known as sail city because it sits on two harbours!

In 1959, the iconic (and unmissable) harbour bridge opened. After 10 years so many people moved across they added a couple of extra lanes on to the bridge.

Whangarei: A Small Town

With a population of 50,000 people, and the only city north of Auckland, it’s pretty important as this is where the majority of good enter New Zealand. The city is known for its agriculture and industrial qualities.

Abel Tasman arrived in New Zealand 130 years before captain cook and didn’t actually see any of it for himself. It was actually captain Cook who encouraged people from the U.K. (For example) to come over. The first of which were mainly whalers and seal hunters. This New Zealand became the first colony of the U.K. 


4,500 residents live here, making it the third largest town of all the islands around here. It’s important as the Waitangi treaty was signed here. It ensured Maori people were protected and was signed by hundreds of Maori Chiefs around New Zealand, which is why February 6th is a public holiday (but for the whole of NZ this time). The British came here to make a deal to colonise New Zealand.

In the evening, my roomies and I took part in the Base Hostel pub quiz, we came a respectable 4th out of 12! 


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