Saturday: aka Day 20 on the South Island.

It’s twenty days since I first joined the kiwi experience in Wellington, and by early evening today, I will be back there. After living in Wellington for 2 months previously, going back kind of feels weirdly like going home. Back to familiarity and knowledge. Which I think can be comforting.

I’m feeling pretty run down by this point. I’m tired and I’ve got a sore throat (note: whenever my sister and I get run down, it shows up in the form of a sore throat or sometimes tonsillitis). But this weekend is a big deal in Wellington. It’s the rugby 7s and I want to catch up with my buddy who I last saw in Queenstown! She’s so lovely!

I’m in an unusually bad mood today. I was so tempted to cancel my bus. Cancel my plans and stay in Kaikoura. Even though I wouldn’t have really done much there. I think a week in one place would’ve been nice. I’m also aware that in exactly two weeks, I will be flying to Bali. I’m looking forward to this but I’m unsure about the in between bit. I was SO excited to go to the South Island, and I’m excited for Hobbiton and a few other things but I’m not excited to go back to Auckland. I don’t know if it feels like the right thing to do. 

We arrived in Wellington fairly late in the evening and saw crowds of people around the stadium in fancy dress. I’m more excited to go out this evening than I was before! We headed to the Welsh bar, two facts: This building used to be the public toilets and; this is the only Welsh bar in the Southern Hemisphere! Oh I suppose this is a third fact, I thought it was ace! Highly recommendable!

(I did take a photo on snapchat but evidently I didn’t save it… Imagine lots of Welsh flags decorating the ceiling).

We then headed to The Library – avid followers will know I’ve been there before but my friends hadn’t so it was cool to show them! Lastly we headed to Mish Mosh to meet our friend who we’d last seen in Queenstown a week earlier! She’s so lovely! It was pretty packed and even busier as the night got later! I’d definitely recommend heading to Wellington during the rugby 7s weekend but definitely take a fancy dress outfit! I would have loved to have gone as a pencil crayon!

On to Lake Taupo tomorrow…

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