Tuesday: Back on the Kiwi Experience bus!

It’s raining, it’s pouring… Again. The weather here surprises me, not least because I thought it was supposed to be summer. It’s very much like home here. I’d say it probably isn’t as miserable as when it rains at home, but if it continues on, this may change. 

I’m starting to suspect that this little grey cloud is following me around? By my reckoning, it’s been tailing me since Franz Josef.

There are a Welsh couple on the bus who live in Swansea where I used to go to Uni! It’s such a small world! They’re so lovely, it’s really great to be around the Welsh again!

There’s a Canadian guy on my bus who went to Milford sound yesterday. Why is this significant you may ask? Well, this is significantly annoying and has irritated me no end because I was told I could NOT go to Milford sound yesterday with the bottom bus, because no buses were leaving that day. I therefore had to shorten my stay in Invercargill and cancel my plans to go to Stewart island. 

I have found this whole experience super infuriating! There appears to be very little communication between HeadFirst a Travel (the Bottom Bus) and Kiwi Experience. 

I’m not even sure I would recommend doing this trip (The Deep South) with them unless you plan to stay longer in the places and do your own thing because the only activity the company promotes when you get to Dunedin is the brewery tour (clearly a sponsor or partner of the business judging by the logo appearing on their uniforms), when actually, you could easily see the penguins the first evening you get there.

Plus, something that has only recently occurred to me… When you’re on the kiwi bus, the end or final destination is in essence, the destination. But on the bottom bus, it’s all about the journey. The end destination is the place to sleep, not ‘the place’. 

So that’s my rant over.

On to lake Tekapo… 

We’re heading to Tekapo, but en route we’re stopping at, yep, you guessed it. Another lake. Sadly we cannot see Mmount Ccook which is the main reason for stopping so I mean… We’ll see.

Lake Tekapo is the largest lake of the three lakes in this area.
I have to say, I’ve heard very little about this part of the journey, as such, rightly or wrongly, I have held very low expectations, until now that is.

As per the Kiwi Experience way, clip boards are flying around with an array of activities on offer. Something I was not expecting, including star gazing (weather dependent), water rafting, a scenic glacial flight and several local walks in the area.

I have to say, I’m intrigued about the scenic flight, particularly as I didn’t make it to Franz Josef or Fox glaciers at all, but I’m not sure that this will suffice my desire to actually step foot on a real life glacier. 

It’s a strange feeling I have right now. I know that I will feel better for getting out, I’m feeling very tired at the moment. My energy levels and therefore my enthusiasm is greatly waning. 

I’m going to do the walk to the chapel of the good shepherd (not entirely sure why, but it suddenly reminded me of the Vicar of Dibley).

Lake Tekapo is beautiful. 
I’m so happy I’m here. And I feel I can appreciate being here more because I have a friend who came here last week and it rained the entire time so she just slept and didn’t really see anything. I feel really lucky to have a break in the weather and to be able to appreciate the lake in all its glory.

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