Well, I’ve been told that people who set themselves targets or goals tend to be more successful. With this in mind, earlier on in the year or towards the end of 2012 I wrote a list of targets or things I want to achieve/accomplish this year.

This blog post is a quick review of that list to explore some of the highs of 2013 and to help to set some targets for 2014…

1. Finish my MA ✔️
2. Go to Thailand ✔️ (it’s booked!)
3. Save £500 ✔️
4. Take/Go away for Graces 21st ✖️
5. Read 15 books for pleasure ✖️ (I read more this year than I have for a while but disappointingly I did not reach my target so this one will roll over to 2014 with added determinism!)
6. Close my overdraft (and not need it)✔️
7. Hand in my notice (at a well known high street retailer)✔️
8. Learn Spanish/Portuguese✖️
9. Sell my old junk/stuff✔️
10. Get/Have work experience planned, if not a job lined up for 2014.✔️

Overall, I think it’s been a really successful year, I think I’ve achieved a lot more than this list alone and several of the targets that were set that were not achieved will go on the list for 2014 because I feel strongly about accomplishing them.

Goals for 2014:

1. Read 15 books for pleasure
2. Get an actual job that is a step on the career ladder (preferably something meaningful)
3. Learn a language
4. Maintain this blog throughout the year
5. Save £1,000
6. Learn a new skill
7. Take a photo every single day for a year
8. Be brave, be daring
9. Enter a competition requiring actual effort (e.g., an essay writing competition)
10. Go to Paris

Happy new year everyone, I hope 2014 brings success, happiness and everything you desire/work towards.

One thought

  1. Hi Felicity, thanks for sending the link to your blog. Your page looks very attractive, inspiring me to get on and get mine going!

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