So it’s been a little while since I posted a blog even though some pretty interesting things have happened this summer.

It started with Rihanna at the Millennium stadium in Cardiff and then working at The Download Festival, which is around the same time I found out I had an internship at the ITU, the specialist UN agency for ICTs in Geneva, Switzerland.

During my internship, my whole perspective has changed on the role that ICTs play in relation to development, and the positive impacts this is having on an array of groups within society all around the world.

This has also changed my ideas about what I may do as a possible career now that I’ve finished my masters. I’m exploring the possibilities of working for an NGO in the comms department or possible policy related jobs. There’s so much going on in the world, but how much do we really pay attention to?

As part of my internship, I worked on the first ever Beyond 2015 Global Youth Summit which took place in Costa Rica, although the Summit has technically finished, I think it’s just beginning.

After the Summit wrapped up I spent a few days extra in Costa Rica (blog to follow) and I’ve seen a lot of Geneva too, it’s a beautiful place, a real cultural hub as people seem to be transitioning a lot, and a lot of people who live there – that I met – were often from different places and have such interesting stories and backgrounds.

I met some amazing people from all around the world and had opportunities that I never thought I’d get. I had a great summer and learnt a lot, I think that this internship will help me to secure a job when the time is right 🙂


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