This year saw the return of the Great Roath Bake Off, a baking competition inspired by shows such as The Great British Bake Off, and other popular cooking shows that had exploded into popularity in recent years. These include; the Great British Menu, Britain’s Best Dish, Master chef, Food Glorious Food – and that’s just to name a few!

So after seeing a post on twitter promoting the competition, Katieisblogging, Hungry Polly and I decided to team up and enter! We all like baking, but I would say, to varying degrees. The other two are much more prepared than I, having never invested in much baking equipment, and since their blogs are largely food related – but not always.

So… Katie caught the flu on her way home during the Easter holidays so she graciously bowed out of the competition, although she did provide the vanilla pod for the cream, which I think made all the difference and made our cake special. So we began baking on Friday 12 April, for the competition the next day. A little last minute you may say, but we wanted it to be fresh.

We decided to bake a classic Victoria Sponge Cake – recipe provided by Mary Berry of course! But as decided to use fresh cream with an added vanilla pod and fresh fruit instead of say, butter cream icing. This is what we created…


When we arrived at the hall, we didn’t really know what to expect, it was quite surreal walking there with everyone staring at our cake through its’ plastic container. I have a vague recollection of three guys singing on a street corner en route and somehow mentioning something about having ‘a bite of your cake’.

While we were there, the competition really got going and to be fair, we didn’t think we stood that much of a chance, although the man from the Echo seemed to quite like the look of our cake, hence our five minutes of fame….


We had been a the venue for just over one hour 15 (it was 2pm at this point) when the organiser announced that the winner would not be announced until around 5pm-ish. Unfortunately both Polly and I had plans for the rest of the day so we had to leave, but it was a fab experience and there were so many great cakes there. It was really good to feel as though we were doing something as part of a community.

It’s funny how competitive it makes you feel though, I’m already thinking of ideas for next year, I’m sure the three of us can pull together to create a winner next year!


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