So… First of all, this my first ever blog ever ever! I thought I should open with ‘Dear Naomi’ but then I thought it sounded too much like an agony aunt blog and my life story really isn’t that interesting.

 So anyway, Tuesday the 12th of February may not have been a crucial diary date for many people but it definitely was for me. I love pancakes! Usually at home we have pancakes with sugar and orange juice. Apparently the tradition down south (i.e. below the Midlands – which is the MIDDLE not the North) is sugar and lemon juice (bizarre! I guess maybe it’s like a sweet and sour thing).

 So anyway, as I was unsure of what to blog for my first ever post, I have decided to do a pancake review.

 Before I start the review and upload the photos, I feel I should mention a few things… The picture quality is not fantastical. Do you ever watch Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares USA/UK? Well, when he goes to these failing restaurants, he always samples the food first to assess what the problems are. He is always super sceptical of restaurants that have photos of their food – you know the ones… Yeah. They never look that appealing… So my point is, my food photos look like the dodgy ones on dodgy restaurant menus. But I should point out, they were very tasty even if they don’t inspire you to try them – based on appearances!

 Also, when I say the appearance, the pancakes themselves look awesome! It’s what I did to them that may not appeal. 

 I shall finish with: Don’t judge a book by its’ cover.

So this is the first pancake: As you can see, it’s plain, but this is just to show you what it looked like before I added flavours.

For the first pancake, I decided to try peanut butter and nutella. There is nothing in the world that I could possibly do to not make this look like what it looks like… All I can say is it tasted great! It was the right amount of sweet and salty 🙂 :


Half way through:


All in all, it was pretty tasty. A good starting point I think as it’s quite filling so better to start with it than to end with it. 

 The second flavour I decided to go for was… My home classic, orange with sugar:


 In some respects, this will always be a personal favourite because it reminds me of home and my family 🙂 I’d definitely recommend it to any of you lemon and sugar lovers out there.

 My third and final (Yes… 3 was enough, they were really filling but I have some more ideas for tasty flavour combinations… Who knows, maybe this will become a pancake blog) pancake choice was nutella and banana: 



Arguably a classic for some, like banoffi, it’s not a flavour combination that I have explored much personally, but it was a nice change. 

 All in all, from a classic standpoint, I’ll always love orange and sugar on pancakes, but I think my favourite of the night was peanut butter and nutella 🙂 

 I hope you are inspired to try these flavour combinations, I’m not saying they are super radical but enjoy them all the same 🙂



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