I feel like I missed off something fairly big from my previous post. So after the joy of pancake day comes the… (For lack of a better word) [self-inflicted] restraint of lent. While I working in Bute library ignoring my rumbly tumbly and drooling over the prospect of buying an over priced (the prices in the cafe have definitely gone up since the Christmas break!) snickers, I finally thought of a suitably hard challenge for lent this year.

 I am going to give up chocolate (completely and utterly) along with pizza until March 30th 2013. This includes; chocolate biscuits, chocolate on waffle ice cream cones, chocolate in ice cream (dammit! I didn’t think of this until now), chocolate bars, anything containing chocolate chips etc.  

 I decided on pizza because I love it a bit too much even if I don’t eat it super loads. And chocolate because I’ve become a bit of a chocolate fiend in recent months – I genuinely never used to crave chocolate or even reach for it as a snack of choice. Alas, times have changed. I also picked chocolate as a food to give up because I think that it will be a challenge, more so than pizza alone. In previous years I have given up cheese, fizzy drinks, bread, crisps… I can’t think of anything else but they were all pretty tough!

 Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. 



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